The Trancy Family Crest

Trancy is the name of an influential English noble family. The head of the household holds the rightful position of an Earl/Count. The head takes up the notorious responsibility of being the "Queen's Spider," a role similar to Ciel Phantomhive's "Queen's Watchdog" position.[1]


Trancy Manor

The Trancy Manor

Generally, to regular society, the Trancy is a distinguished aristocratic family. But in the underworld, it acts as a secret executive agency controlled by Queen Victoria (i.e. "Queen's Spider). It is a tradition that the Trancy is charged with the duty to destroy all of the Queen's distresses in the underworld.[2]

According to the records, the Spider either erased people's pasts or replaced them with false memories to cover up the crimes.[2]

The only time when their position was highlighted was when the Queen instructed the Queen's Spider along with the Watchdog to solve a series of cases where young newly wed women were being lit on fire.[1]

Trancy Manor

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Identified Members of the Trancy Family

Trancy Household


  • It is quipped by Claude Faustus that the Trancy's spider threads can cut through steel.[2]


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