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Kanji 三つ子
Romaji Mitsugo
Race Demon
Gender Male
Professional Status
Occupation Servants of the Trancy Household
Base of Operations Trancy Manor
Personal Status
Status Deceased
Relatives Akin to one another
First Appearance
Manga Debut N/A
Anime Debut Episode 1 of Season 2
Japanese Voice Kenichi Suzumura
English Voice Scott Freeman

The triplets, in which they are customarily referred to as, are demons introduced in the anime-exclusive Kuroshitsuji II. They are specified collectively, and though hardly distinguished from one another, the triad consists of Canterbury (カンタベリー, Kantaberī), Thompson (トンプソン, Tonpuson), and Timber (ティンバー, Tinbā). They are loyal servants to the Trancy household; they serve as the house steward, gardener, and cook, respectively.[1]


The triplets are young men with red eyes and short, plum hair. The fringes of their hair are arranged inconsistently; Thompson's falls to point in the center, Cantebury's is swept to the left, and Timber's is set to the right. They dress in white, long-sleeved shirts, brown vests, and black trousers with grey ribbons tied around their necks.


Typically, they are quiet and reticent; notwithstanding, they often whisper among themselves in great secrecy, especially after witnessing dramatic scenes, such as when Alois Trancy gouges out Hannah Anafeloz's eye.[1] However, when given permission to speak, they in actuality have poor etiquette and discretion. Garrulous, they would comment on matters with wearisome persistence and little restraint; it is to the extent that they were consequently ordered by Alois to be silent once more.[2]


The triplets were Hannah Anafeloz's subordinates. Under her command, they incinerated the village Jim and Luka Macken resided in.[3]


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