The triplets are demon servants of the Trancy household. The triad consists of Canterbury (カンタベリー, Kantaberī), Thompson (トンプソン, Tonpuson), and Timber (ティンバー, Tinbā); they serve as the house steward, the gardener, and the cook, respectively.[1]


The triplets are young men with red eyes and short, plum-colored hair. The fringes of their hair are arranged inconsistently; Thompson's falls to point in the center, Canterbury's is swept to the left, and Timber's is set to the right. They dress in white, long-sleeved shirts, brown waistcoats, and black trousers with charcoal ribbons tied in bows around their necks.


Typically, they are quiet and reticent; notwithstanding, they often whisper among themselves in great secrecy, especially after witnessing dramatic scenes, such as when Alois Trancy had gouged out Hannah Annafellows's eye.[1] However, when given permission to speak, they, in actuality, have poor etiquette and discretion. Garrulous, they would comment on matters with wearisome persistence and little restraint; it is to the extent that they were consequently ordered by Alois to be silent once more.[2]


The triplets were Hannah Annafellows's subordinates. Under her command, they incinerated the village Jim and Luka Macken resided in.[3]


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