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The unnamed lady is the mysterious person in the third OVA, "Welcome to the Phantomhive's," who is an acquaintance of Elizabeth Midford.

Character Outline

The unnamed lady is a youthful woman, with brown hair and a pale complexion and peach lipstick. She wears a pink dress and a matching pink bonnet, with a bow that has a pink rose in the center, and black and white high-heeled boots. However, when she accidentally spills tea on her dress, she is given a light blue dress with white flowers, a beaded headband that has a white flower and two strands of beads dangling from it, along with earrings, a choker, long white gloves and white shoes that belonged to Rachel Phantomhive.

It was stated that she is cute, beautiful, gorgeous and looks like a doll according to Soma Asman Kadar. Because of her beautiful appearance, Aleistor Chamber abducted her. According to Elizabeth Midford, she is a lovely person who knows a lot of things.[1]

The unnamed Lady is actually referred to as "Mad Dog of Venice" by someone belonging to the Ferro family.


  1. Kuroshitsuji OVA, Welcome to the Phantomhive's

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